Vastu & Common Myths

How being a bit aware can help you emphasize the importance of Vastu in your lives & help you attain Health, Happiness and Harmony

This Free Video includes:

  • The science behind Vastu. Why is it important
  • Bursting some common myths
  • Concept – of Vastu , Bioenergetics – correlation of spaces with Human body
  • Scientific understanding of Vastu for Architects and Home Builders
  • Vastu Shilpa Shastra, Architectural and Constructional Technology during Vedic times
  • Explanation of 9 Directions and 5 Elements
  • Spiritual and Traditional Vastu
  • Resonance and Vibrations – electromagnetic spectrum of human body

This Webinar:

  • Educate people on the generic vastu topic , hence it can be taken by any audience – ranging from Housewives / Engineers / Doctors / Architects / Interior Decorators / Vastu Practitioners.
  • Make people aware of the vibratory effects of space with Human body.
  • Update you with the vastu science & help understanding the relationship between Body and Space ,and its importance for maintaining equilibrium . Also lot of Myths regarding vastu were addressed.

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