48 Anant Urja

Energy Interpretation each word and phrase of
48 Bhaktamar Stotra’s in Hindi

Access this FREE Video on Bhaktamar Stotra's Energy Interpretation by Mayank Barjatya! Based on his own research with Vyragyarati Sahebji at Shrut Bhavan - Pune and Praman Sagarji Maharaj Saab it includes:

  • The science behind 48 Infinity Energy Cards
  • Bhaktamar Stotra’s Energetic Interpretation
  • Correlation between Sacred Geometry and Jainism
  • Yantra / Mantra and Tantra
  • Jain Beej Yantras & its relation to 48 Bhaktamar Stotra
  • Meaning of Each Stotra and its interpretation
  • Basic know how to use 48 Infinity Cards for Healing purpose

A wonderful learning for everyone as it imparts the beautiful Healing behind Bhaktamar Stotra.

48 Infinity Energy - Book - Hindi / English

48 Bhaktamar Infinity Energy Kit

Personal Energy Card Reading

Bhaktamar Energy Research

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