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30 days organised learning

Learn the Unique process of Scanning Right Bhaktamar Energy Card for You and Your Family. This will also include Explanation of Each of the 48 Stotras, energy meaning. Learning of Quantum tool to Measure Energies, Introduction to science of Cymatics.

What will you learn from this course

  • Jainism – History of Bhaktamar Stotra
  • Mantra – Science of Vibration
  • Yantra – Science of symbols and Geometry
  • Tantra – Human Energies
  • Manifestation – Process to use 48 Infinity Energy Cards

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This course will give In-depth knowledge on Bhaktamar and will help you to take this beautiful healing science forward, so as to benefit the community.

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  • Anyone can join the course – no set educational criteria


This 30 days of learning will enhance your inner Spiritual Vibrations to connect with the most powerful Jain mantra science and redefine its purpose using Yantra, sacred Geometry.

This has an amalgamation of two philosophies from two different cultures of the world – the Jain Concept of Infinity and the principles of Kabbalah.  This wholistic approach is one of its kind that has never been tired before. This also involves the practical application of quantum energy, bio- energetic, Lecher antenna – sound, geometry and infinity coming together to form a synergetic combination.

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You will find the technique intuitive and subjective in nature, theoretically impeccable and practically applicable. Each element has been broken down with detailed explanation to acquaint you with each type of energy that comes together to generate a powerful HEALING.

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Course Content

Sneek Preview

2.29 mins

History of Bhaktamar Stotra
Science be vibrations
Science of symbols and Geometry
Human Energies
Process to use 48 Infinity Energy Cards

Mayank Barjatya

Founder and Director of Vastuworld learning

Ar. Mayank Barjatya

Energy Architect | Building Biologist | Founder-Director, Vastuworld

Mayank Barjatya holds a Bachelor of Architecture Degree from Pune University (1995) and Masters Degree in Ecology & Environment from New Delhi (2004).

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He has learnt Building Biology from Er. Wolfgang Priggen at BZS Burg-Steinfurt, Northwest of Germany near Munster (2002) & been associated with BZS as German technical Partners till today.

In 1997, Mayank got professionally oriented towards Vastu when working as an architect for a structural engineer, during his job he got a chance to visit Paris.

In 1998 Mayank started his own company by name of Vastuworld.
With a professional background in architecture, human energetics, environment, and a strong interest in quantum physics, Mayank is a design consultant based in Pune-India specializing in contemporary Indian architecture.

Mayank has delivered a paper at IIT-Delhi on 10-11th Feb 2006 on scientific validation of ancient medical system. He was invited in 2004 to participate in energy medicine congress in Heidelberg-Germany, In September 2013, Mayank presented his research paper on Earth Communication at Kerpic’13, Istanbul Aydin University, Turkey.

Mayank is instrumental in getting the Gold Lecher Antenna to India & in year 2014 he was the first Indian to get a teaching certificate on Radiesthesia & Geo-biology from Argo Germany, Mayank & Vastuworld was selected by Vastu Shilpa Consultancy under Architect. B.V. Doshi Ahmedabad to participate as a Vastu expert for Amaravati Capital Complex Design.

In Dec 2016 at IISF ( India International Science festival) in New Delhi Mayank’s paper on Geopathy & Earth Communication was selected under the theme of  “Swastha Bharat” where he presented his paper on health concerns while residing & living on geopathic stress fields.

Mayank helmed the Academic Committee (Architecture & civil Engineering ) of Bhartiya Vigyan Sammelan hosted by Vigyan Bharti in Pune on May 2017.
2019 brings in the spiritual part of Mayank’s work where he designed 48 infinity energy cards based on science of Jainism following Bhaktambar & Hebrew philosophy.

Mayank & Vastuworld’s motive is to convert bland buildings to spaces with souls.

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48 Anant Urja

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This course includes

  • Topic-wise information videos.
  • Bonus Past Q & A Sessions videos
  • 48 Infinity Energy Book – Option – Hindi / English
  • One on one Interactive Sessions with Ar. Mayank Barjatya
  • Full lifetime access
  • Access on mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion

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