Upcoming Workshops

Launching specialized Workshops – Learn the complete Science behind the Energies of Space and Human – Building Biology & Bioenergetics.

Certificate course of Building Biology- Part 1 – (Home/ Office Environmental Energies)- 23rd – 25th. June 2023
What you will learn –
• Study of Geopathy – understanding Earth Energies and its impact on Human
• Plants & Animals.
• Geobiology ,interaction between man and earth.
• Negative effects of Geopathic Stress on Health and Disease.
• Sacred geometry.
• Rectification Solutions to counter Geopathic Stress
• Detailed understanding & application with onsite demonstration

Certificate course of Building Biology- Part 2 – ( Home/Office Bioenergies )1st – 3rd. Sept.2023
What you will learn –
• Bioenergetics & measurement of human energies
• Energy Medicine.
• Bioenergetic scan ,
• Identify chakra blockage, diseases or aliments
• Interpretation of Human Energy for clear diagnosis.
• Bio dynamization & removal of chakra blockages using quantum physics & bio resonance process Decode influence of Space on Genetics & DNA.

Diploma in Building Biology – Maestro Course – 13th. Dec – 17th.Dec 2023
• Advanced learning of Bio energetics & Geopathy .
• Geo puncture Techniques to erase past memories.
• Protocols and Process of Energy Scanning.
• Home Health Audit – concept & importance.
• Case Studies – commercial/ industrial & Institutional projects.
• On site practical & energy, measurement.
• Assessment & Evaluation – this is a Master course; certificate would be issued post assessment.

All the workshops are residential and the fees are including stay and food.

Special discount for Early bird registrations and for people enrolling for all the workshops together.

Call on +919822573102 for more details or registration, or visit our website – www.vastuworldlearning .com

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3-day Foundation Course on Science of Vastu Energy Rectification

2nd to 4th, September 2022
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5 Day Workshop on Bio-energetics & Inner Balance

17th to 21th, June 2022
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3 Day Workshop on Earth Communications @ Prithwe

15th to 17th, April 2022
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Psychodynamic Dowsing – 3 Day Complete Immersive Workshop

11th to 13th, February 2022
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Advanced Course in Vastu & Resonance By – Mayank Barjatya

17th to 19th, December 2021
Major Topics covered – Introduction to Energy Boundary – Why?…
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Ar. Mayank Barjatya delivered a speech on Ar. B.V. Doshi Sir || Enthuva 2023 at Brick

Ar. Mayank Barjatya on the occasion of Enthuva 2023 at…
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Designing & Building of Meditative Spaces – A Talk by Ar.Mayank Barjatya

A Geo-Biology case Study of proposed Guru Charan Tirth.
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2nd International Jain Conference on Forgiveness

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Introduction to Scientific Vastu – Santa Fe

Prithwe Institute and Institute of Building Biology and Ecology (USA)…
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How Radiation Inside Your Home Making You Sick?

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Health Home Audit – Webinar March 2020

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