Sensitivity Towards Vibrations

Know how the vibrations around you affects your power to intuit, learn the types of extra sensory abilities we have

  • Concept of Radiesthesia
  • Resonance – electromagnetic vibrations
  • Emotions  – sensitivity towards vibrations
  • Physical / Mental and Medical Radiesthesia, Use of this science and Benefits
  • Type of Radiesthesia, Intuition, Divination, Vamacara, Occult Sciences, Esoteric

The Video of around 2 hours includes:

  • Mayank Barjatya though his experience of around 20 years explains you to explore your abilities to feel and see beyond your senses.
  • Demonstration of Concept of Yoga sutras & how to control your mind and activate the codes which can sense unknown.
  • Process to feel the land, earth and building which you want to design or consult for your client using your extra sensory perceptions.

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Learn to be sensitive, Increase your feeling towards your spaces, connect to the Vibrations around you
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