Radiations Inside Home

How Radiation Inside Your Home Making You Sick?

In this Free Video you will find:

  • What is Electromagnetic radiation (EMR)?
  • What are the sources of EMR?
  • How are all the gadgets inside our homes like – cell phones / laptops / microwave / remote control makes us sick
  • Long term exposure causes irreversible damage in the body – like cancer / genetic mutation in foetus / decreases the IMMUNITY
  • What is Geopathic Stress and how does this affect us?
  • Solutions to reduce the affect of EMR and Geopathic Stress.

Benefits after watching this Video:

  • This free knowledge Educate people on the generic topic , hence it can be taken by any audience – ranging from Housewives / Engineers / Doctors / Architects / Interior Decorators / Vastu Practitioners
  • Make people aware of the harmful effects of EMR on the body.
  • The idea behind this is firstly ,the End user who is the owner of the house – needs to be aware and insist with the builder / interior designer / architect – about the requirement for incorporating healthy building solutions.
  • Secondly – get his/ her home Audited – which is again very important to get rectification done – please refer our website section on Healthy Building systems.
  • Thirdly – incorporate simple and natural systems in our day to day living.

Video Include Simple solutions like:

  • keeping the cell phones away while sleeping or when not in use away from the body to minimize its effect
  • Ensuring the chargers are removed post usage and switching off the electrical connections
  • Ensure earthing of electrical devices
  • Sleeping location should not be back to back with electrical appliances such as Refrigerators / Television
  • Ensure more of sunlight and fresh air is entering homes
  • Usage of healthy paints and building material – eg. Lime


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