About VastuWorld

“Since 1998, Vastuworld has offered an all-round approach to architectural design—harmonizing individual occupant energies in tune with their environment and natural ecosystems. While delving deeply into ancient building wisdom documented by our forefathers, we create dwelling and working spaces that perform optimally in today’s milieu and fulfill your modern-day requirements.”

Ar. Mayank Barjatya

Founder, Vastuworld

Vastuworld was founded in 1998 – and since then under the flagship of Mayank Barjatya has been offering the following


with a prime objective to offer an all-round approach to architectural design harmonizing individual occupant energies in tune with their environment and natural ecosystems.

Vastuworld aims to enhance your life

By creating spaces for you that resonate with positivity, and enable good health and well-being. We are scientific environment


Backed by 20 years of research, with specialization in traditional Indian architecture and supported by German building biology principles.

Rectification Solutions

Various architectural defects can cause sick buildings and consequently geopathic stress for its inhabitants. Remedying these defects is critical in order to regain wellness and restore the natural balance. At Vastuworld we guide you with rectification solutions and bio-resonance products that will remedy and correct the energies of your current home or workplace and make them more effective for you.

Helping the end user – you – rectify and correct the energies of your current home and workplace using bio-resonance remedies and products Personalized vastu rectification changes without breaking a single brick and without demolition or changes Use of vibrational medicines so that your original designer’s orientation, direction, proportion and perspective remain unchanged. Our holistic rectification process moves from micro to macro spaces, maintaining hierarchy of usage – room level, building level, plot level.

Radiation Free Safe Homes & Offices

Today most people spend more than 90% of their lives inside buildings. During this time the nature of the enclosed environment directly affects the health, quality of life, and productivity of the occupants. Modern buildings, however, clearly have a problem providing a healthy or even appropriate indoor environment.

At Vastuworld we help you attain health bliss inside your homes & office by addressing following concerns

  • Symptoms of Sick Building Syndrome and how to create a healthy homes and offices.
  • ddressing possible causes of many chronic disorders: Chronic fatigue, multiple chemical sensitivity, asthma, allergy, sleeping problems, nervousness, learning difficulties, infertility, low immunity, cancer.
  • Esmog, Electrical Pollution: Electromagnetic fields (EMF), electromagnetic radiation (EMR), mobile phones and shielding devices.
  • Building Biology Esoteric Aspects: energy clearing, energy flow channelizing, energy shielding & energy amplification.
  • Geopathic Stress, Scanning Earth energies using H3 Gold Lecher Antenna.
  • Building design: Non-allergenic, natural, solar, energy efficient, harmonious with the environment.

Education and Training

Vastuworld is a liberal learning center adhering to Indian traditional architectural ethos and modern scientific principles since 1998. Through our training, we also offer a glimpse at the latest architectural and vastu innovation techniques being developed by our team. Our principal speaker.

Architect and Bio-energetician Mayank Barjatya has earned great repute as an expert in Indian Vastu Shastra and German Bau Biology.  Vaastu is a science that is intimately connected to the human being. Our bodies are highly sensitive and can identify and react to energy imbalances in the environment. As a result of losing touch with this intuitive capacity, we believe that vastu correction can only be performed by experts. While expert knowledge is useful, once we reconnect with this inner sensitivity, we will be able to make the changes to our spaces that will aid in unlocking our deepest potential. Our foundation courses aim to re-establish this intimacy between the individual and his space.

Radiation Free Safe Homes & Offices

The Vedic ‘Vastu’ science of space as the aesthetic and energetic interrelation of the human being and the cosmic order contributes an essential part to our approach. This knowledge is brought together with the findings of modern technical researches and the principles of ‘bau-biology’ (building biology). Apart from dealing with space and form in an efficient way, we relate human with his environment. We understand the energies of the earth, construction methods and materials in the context of human health and work on reducing the impacts of technical equipments and geologic interferences.

Biological Agriculture

Permaculture states, all intervention shall be done with the least effort to get the maximum output, exactly how ecological systems work. For building, development and agricultural techniques, we need to implement biological approaches, which consider humankind as an integral part of the natural environment. We aim to conserve natural habitats and support productive, ecological systems, rather than creating artificial and energy intensive environments.

Natural Building

Natural building comprises of various fields of building with the final aim of reducing the impact on nature. Adequate aesthetic space design is in this approach as important as minimal construction methods; the non-destructive sourcing of alternative raw materials and the lowering embodied energies and carbon footprint of the applied materials to keep space and its inhabitants healthy and in harmony with the environment.

Healing Education

All concerns can only reach the soul through a sensitive way of education and practice. Only if the individual is open and free, it is able to understand the interdependencies of life and identify itself within. Education needs to be re-understood as integrated, healing and non-restrictive guide to complex understanding and spiritual development.

Workshops and Courses

The Aim in all our Workshops and Courses is to provide students with a holistic approach and an in-depth knowledge of the various subjects ,so that post attending these workshops ,they can pursue this as a career.

Every curriculum is designed exclusively by Mayank himself and is inculcated with examples and practical approach for better understanding and is a perfect balance of theory and practice.

Post the course – we provide assistance to the students lifelong so that they establish themselves.

Today we can proudly say that in these 20 years of journey we have trained more than 600 plus people and most have becomes successful Vastu Consultants / Healers / Energy Architects etc.